City Tours

Take a guided tour around a UK city and discover something new
Group of people walking next to a grassy field
Brighton and Beyond (Minibus Tours)

Start at the seaside resort and move out to see the Seven Sisters and more.

Book from £65
Cup of ice cream with a cherry on top
Newcastle Tour Company

Discover the history and culture of Newcastle, with well-informed local guides.

Book from £18
See the Sights Tours (London)

Take a walking tour of London landmarks, or venture further on a relaxing day trip.

Book from £10
Friendly knowledgable guide
City of Bath Guides

Explore the history of this elegant city - with the help of a friendly, knowledgeable guide.

Book from £20
Pints and an appetizer
Leeds Food Tours

Discover the best food and drink Leeds has to offer – with a well-informed local guide.

Book from £55
Group standing around a pub style round table
Scranchester Tours

A thrilling journey of food and drink through a unique city

Book from £60
Group of four on bicycles
Chester Cycle Tours

Get on your (provided) bike and ride your way through the history of Chester.

Book from £25
Horses behind a low stone wall
Northern Highlights Pass

Get discounts at dozens of North East Scotland attractions with this handy pass.

Book from £20
Image of Bath
Walking Tours of Bath

Get to know Bath and Bridgerton, with the aid of a well-informed guide.

Book from £13
Group of four walking on a path
Go Cotswolds (guided tours)

Explore the villages and countryside of the beautiful Cotswolds.

Book from £50
Derrie Danders Walking Tours

Tour around historic Derry / Londonderry with a well-informed local guide.

Book from £45
Iles Tours

Explore the Roman and Anglo-Saxon history of the North-East with a friendly guide.

Book from £35
Docked motor boat
Oxford River Cruises

Take a memorable cruise on the River Thames

Book from £18
Only in Brighton!

Amusing, informative tours around the fabulous world of Brighton.

Book from £35
DC Tours

Explore Belfast with these informative and engaging guides

Book from £18
People boarding a London tour bus
See London By Night

View London from every angle on one these fascinating guided walks

Book from £24
Lights in a shop district
St Nicholas Market and Air Raid Shelter Walking Tour

Learn about the history of this thriving city market and enter its secret underground

Book from £10
Black cat mural
Black Cat Treasure Hunts

Hunt for clues around England's south coast with these fun downloadable guides.

Book from £2

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