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How to find a great spa experience

Find how we select the best hotels spas in the UK

What makes a spa best or recommended?

UK spa experiences come in many shapes and sizes, catering to a spectrum of preferences and desires. From quaint retreats nestled in picturesque countryside settings to lavish urban sanctuaries gracing cityscapes, the UK's hotel spa scene is very diverse. Whether seeking the rustic charm of a boutique spa or the opulence of a five-star resort, there's a spa to suit every taste. 

Our aim is to showcase member establishments that have noteworthy spas worth visiting and are a key part of the hotel experience. Our awards are supported by the annual inspections and experience of the UK hospitality landscape. 

AA Inspectors quality assess elements such as: reception, changing rooms, wet areas, gyms and treatment rooms, where quality and condition of these areas is the key driver.

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Spa standards

Whether consider 'Best' or 'Recommended' all AA featured spas will have the following standards:    

– Dedicated reception and staff    

– Several treatment rooms and a broad range of spa treatments  

– A size should be appropriate to the size of the hotel

– Dedicated changing rooms  with towel and robe provision  

– A variety of areas which may include: pools, hot tubs, hydrotherapy pools, thermal suites, relaxation lounges, outdoor space, food and beverage, gym, studios and wellness activities  

– Sustainability policies advertised and demonstrated  

– Accessibility guide published for spa areas and an effort made to include accessible needs in spa facilities/design/layout

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AA Recommended Spa hotel criteria

In addition to the above,  our inspectors look for:

– High quality spa provision    

– High Standards of guest care        

– High standards of cleanliness and hygiene

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AA Best UK Spa Award criteria

In addition to all of the above,  our inspectors expect:

– Exceptional and luxurious facilities

– Signature features  

– An exemplary spa experience  

– A high-quality food and beverage offering  

– A distinct retail offering  

– Quality consultancy offering for all aspects  

– Wellness facilities and activities  

– Outstanding customer service  

– Dedicated relaxation space/room. 

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